The Bells and Whistles, Complete Crystal Dragon 4" Four Plate Milk Can Twin Element

The Bells and Whistles, Complete Crystal Dragon 4" Four Plate Milk Can Twin Element

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This is a complete deluxe package, ready to run. Just get your electrician to wire up the elements and controller and hook the supplied plumbing to your water supply and you will have one of the nicest units ever offered in a 4" configuration.


The Bell's and Whistles comes complete with Milk Can Boiler, Your choice of combination of 2400 or 3600 watt low density elements, Element guards and clamps, drain valve, sight glass on boiler, fill port on boiler.

On top of that sits a 4" four plate Crystal Dragon bubbleplate column, bowl reducer, 200mm extension, long product condensor, parrot with dump valve, all quick disconnect hoses and plumbing including 2 valves, 2 Y's and 2 thermotees, threaded half inch quick disconnects to connect to your plumbing.


Included free is a DragonFire alcometer, hydrometer and a DIY Controller Kit. 

Also included as always is a link to our comprehensive free 59 page user manual giving you all the information you need to put together and get the most from your new unit. A dedicated support forum with StillDragon users and staff from around the world.


This unit is absolutely stunning and would make a fantastic pilot unit for a commercial distillery, teaching unit for a college or university or a brilliant way to while away a few hours watching it work.

Add a stand for the boiler for just $189.



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